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If you feel uncomfortable with any client and feel the need to discuss things with someone with 50 years ‘real life’ building industry experience just call. If you are approaching a trial. it is imperative that all documents are meticulously reviewed. This includes a thorough examination of files, tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops for any and all communications with the (by now) plaintiff.

Given the urgency of the situation, it is advisable to promptly attend to financial concerns, particularly any pending progress claims, as they may be at the root of the dispute.

This is of paramount importance for builders who bear responsibilities towards both their subcontractors and their families. Initiating an application to the AIB (with capped costs) for a prompt adjudication will facilitate the timely disbursement of funds, provided they are indeed due under the contract.

This proactive step not only alleviates immediate concerns but frequently paves the way for a mutually agreeable resolution.

Evidence before and during the SAT proceedings

The quality and presentation of expert evidence is important in assisting the Tribunal to make reliable and correct decisions in the many areas of its jurisdiction. Experience shows that, when expert witnesses understand and observe their duty to bring to proceedings an objective assessment of the issues within their expertise, their evidence is of great assistance.
Directions hearings can also be used to clarify any questions that a party or an expert may have about expert evidence and how the procedures relating to expert witnesses operate in practice. A party or an expert witness may request the Tribunal to convene a directions hearing.

Because of these guidelines I will prepare my expert evidence and not just sign and date evidence prepared by a 3rd party.

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Remember I am only a call away if something seems urgent or you need a site meeting

Or you just want to meet for a coffee and go through a few points or new documents have come to light…………………………….

If you find yourself in the midst of a challenging building dispute with a difficult client, and you require expert guidance and attendance, take action now. For the cost of just $750, you can safeguard your interests.

This investment is often less than what some spend on a single night out, yet it has the potential to save you a small fortune in the long run!

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