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The QS progress Claim Assessor

As an expert witness specialising in building disputes, my extensive experience in building estimating and quantity surveying (QS) plays a pivotal role in accurately pricing any remedial work and understanding its impact on project completion dates.

Building estimating is a fundamental aspect of any construction project, requiring a comprehensive understanding of material costs, labour expenses, overheads, and potential unforeseen expenses. My proficiency in this area enables me to provide precise cost assessments for remedial work, ensuring that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the financial implications of proposed solutions. Whether it involves assessing damages, evaluating repair costs, or estimating the value of construction defects, my expertise ensures that my assessments are thorough, reliable, and impartial.

The tragic waste of time

Time is Money

Furthermore, my background in quantity surveying enhances my ability to assess the duration of remedial exercises accurately. Quantity surveying involves meticulous planning, scheduling, and cost control throughout the construction process.

Drawing upon this expertise, I can effectively evaluate the time required to complete remedial work, accounting for factors such as labor availability, material lead times, and potential disruptions. This insight enables me to provide informed opinions on the realistic timelines for project completion, helping to manage expectations and mitigate disputes.

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About a Building Expert

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, London underwent a significant building boom to restore its war-damaged architectural heritage and embrace modern development. I was privileged to work as a carpenter during this transformative period, contributing to the restoration of many iconic buildings that appear on the Monopoly board game.

The post-war reconstruction efforts were focused on restoring landmarks like St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament, along with rebuilding residential areas destroyed during the Blitz. As a carpenter, I was involved in restoring these historical structures, applying traditional carpentry techniques to ensure authenticity. One of the fascinating aspects of this work was restoring the intricate herringbone strutting and tusk tenons, which are characteristic features of many old buildings in London.

In addition to working on landmark restoration, I also had the opportunity to restore the servant’s quarters in these historical buildings. These quarters often featured lath and plaster walls, which required meticulous attention to detail to preserve their original character. Restoring these spaces offered a glimpse into London’s past and the lives of those who lived and worked in these grand buildings.

The building boom was further fueled by the infusion of Arab capital, which played a crucial role in funding large-scale development projects. Arab investors, flush with oil revenues, saw London as a prime destination for investment. This influx of capital led to the construction of commercial skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and upscale residential complexes that revitalized London’s economy and reshaped its urban landscape.

Projects like the NatWest Tower (now known as Tower 42) and the Hilton London Metropole Hotel stand as enduring symbols of this era of development. As a carpenter, I had the opportunity to work on some of these modern structures, blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative design concepts.

The collaboration between British architects and Arab investors during this period fostered cross-cultural exchanges and innovation in architectural design. Concepts like postmodernism and structural expressionism gained prominence, leading to the creation of iconic buildings that continue to define London’s skyline.

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Some projects from my Site Manager days

These clips, captured on a humble Nokia phone for various purposes, offer a snapshot of the breadth and depth of my expertise across diverse sectors.

From crafting residential havens in Perth’s vibrant neighbourhoods to spearheading cutting-edge commercial developments in the bustling CBD, my portfolio showcases versatility. It extends to suburban industrial complexes brimming with innovation and reaches remote locations where pragmatism reigns supreme.

Each project in my portfolio tells a story of unique challenges met with unwavering dedication and precision. With a wealth of experience under my belt, I’ve honed my skills to navigate these challenges with unparalleled expertise. These experiences significantly contribute to my proficiency as a progress claim assessor.

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The Raffles Hotel Refurbishment Singapore

Building Expert Singapore

My travel experiences have undeniably enriched my building career, providing me with invaluable insights into the diverse approaches and methodologies employed across different regions, both domestically and internationally. Working in bustling cities and remote areas, spanning Eastern Australia to overseas locales, has exposed me to a myriad of perspectives and practices within the construction industry.

Beyond the technical aspects of construction, my travels have also afforded me the opportunity to engage with individuals from different walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Interacting with diverse personalities and experiencing different cultures’ humor has been both enlightening and enriching. I’ve learned to appreciate the nuances of communication and humor, recognising that what may be amusing to one person may not necessarily resonate with another. This heightened awareness of cultural sensitivities and interpersonal dynamics has been instrumental in fostering effective collaboration and communication within project teams, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the endeavors.

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