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Builder’s Progress Claim Assessment

Expertise Assessment – You Can Trust

With a storied career spanning 40 years as a Registered Builder and an impressive collection of 28 Building Awards under my belt, I’ve successfully completed thousands of projects. My background as an expert witness with a QS background has honed my skills in meticulously evaluating countless progress claims.

My assessments reassure clients that their builder operates with integrity, seeking payments to maintain project momentum and prevent the disruptions that stalled projects can bring.

My assessments instil confidence in both clients and builders. They add weight to a claim, ensuring that payments are fair and necessary to keep the project moving forward. This partnership mentality fosters smoother project execution and mutual success.

My role as a Progress Claim Assessor goes beyond mere assessment. It’s about fostering trust, ensuring fairness, and facilitating successful project completion. With my extensive experience and background, you can trust that I will uphold the highest standards of integrity and expertise in every assessment I provide.

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When it comes to the intricate process of assessing whether a progress payment claim is due and payable, the role of an expert witness becomes paramount. My background as an expert witness, combined with my extensive experience as a professional builder, uniquely positions me to provide accurate and reliable appraisals in these matters.

The evaluation of a progress payment claim requires more than just a superficial understanding of construction practices; it demands a deep knowledge of contractual obligations, industry standards, and legal considerations. As an expert witness, I meticulously examine each claim to determine its legitimacy, ensuring that both parties are treated fairly and equitably.

My role goes beyond mere inspection; I delve into the details, scrutinising every aspect of the claim to ensure its accuracy and compliance with contractual terms. This thorough approach ensures that my assessments are robust, defensible, and capable of withstanding scrutiny in a judicial setting.

Furthermore, my experience as a Chartered Builder and a member of the Australian Institute of Building adds credibility to my evaluations. It demonstrates my commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in every assessment I undertake.

Choosing an expert witness with a proven track record in evaluating progress payment claims is crucial for safeguarding your interests and ensuring a fair outcome. My expertise in this area, backed by years of hands-on experience and industry recognition, makes me a reliable choice for all your expert witness needs.

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The cost for a single site inspection and certification is $500.00 or if 3 assesments (i.e. Walls, Roof and Lock-UP) at the same project $1,000.00. This does not include a PCI report.

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Assessment $500.00

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